Meet Rheanna

I’m a coffee loving, adventure seeking, extroverted dog-momma and Wifey; a hopeless romantic and curly haired redhead that loves comfy clothes, time with family, movies on the couch, an occasional glass of red, laughing (puns are amazing by the way), and being outdoors! I know, I just threw a lot out there – but it is all true! I’m definitely a participant in life, meaning I like to get out there and enjoy every drop of it! I have a lust for travel and a passion for hiking adventures; I get out as often as I can with my Hubs (Scott) and pup (Casanova) to explore – I’ve been loving our National Parks lately!

My passion for photography has been with me ever since I can remember. My parents saw my enthusiasm and I received my first camera at the age of three (110 film anyone?) and I never put it down! I shot my first wedding while still in school majoring in photography, and quickly found my creative process falling in sync with my love for love. (Did I mention I’m a hopeless romantic? Like, I really LOVE love!)

I bring something different to photography, because I don’t just show up to take pictures. I’m sincerely invested and part of every session and every wedding. (True story- I cry, at some point, during every weeding I shoot – and I’ve been working professionally for 10 years now!!!) I know, it sounds cheesy – but it’s true! I’m not your fly on the wall photographer in the background waiting for direction or for something to ‘happen’. I like to be in the moment, part of the experience with my clients.

I love working as a location photographer; this is where my lust for travel and adventure plays into my photography (squeal)!  One of the biggest thrills location photography brings me is a new environment every time, with new situations and circumstances that induce creativity. The relaxed nature of my photography combined with the unique personalities and style of my clients, produce images that are always distinctive and full of emotion – even if I have been to the location before.

I often get asked what my ‘style’ of photography is… well; I often reply with I’m kinda’ hybrid. I’m a boutique photographer with an editorial/commercial meets photojournalist vibe. I had a very disciplined background while studying photography and now I break all the rules! I definitely pay attention to modern trends and style to keep my images fresh and engaging, but overall I still appreciate working ‘in camera’ and not ‘photo-shopping’ my images later. (Honestly, the images in my blog posts never even make it into Photoshop.) I’m always looking for honesty and intimacy in a captured moment; and I like to keep my clients moving, animated, and laughing – I don’t want everything to look too ‘posed.’ I bring a fun, lighthearted energy to my style, fusing my artistic vision with the mood of the session or wedding day; whether it be head-over-heels-in-love passion, the quirkiness and silliness of little ones, intimate moments shared between two people, or best friends committing to a lifetime together, I’m looking for genuine moments allowing me to produce images that are sure to bring smiles for many years to come. My dedication to these unique moments creates images which evoke emotion and attachment, and that is what brings me personal fulfillment in my work.

Here’s where I’m going to get a little techy on ya… but I’ll keep it interesting! I love the use of available light (ask any client in the past and they will tell you how excited I get about light!) and I embrace the environment I’m working in which creates a natural and candid look to my imagery. Majoring in photography as a technical trade with a commercial background and years in the industry have given me the strength and experience to light for any given situation or environment. I also ensure I have the industry’s leading equipment and technology with back-ups for my back-ups to keep my images looking sharp and consistent.

When I’m not taking pictures you can find me camping, hiking, swimming, gardening (anything that keeps me outside), traveling, volunteering for my local shelter when I can (I have such a soft spot for the fur babies), watching a comedy snuggled up on the couch with my hubby and pup, and spending time with family. I have a fun, youthful, and adventurous approach to life; I also love to dance and embrace creativity and imagination every opportunity I get!

I’m truly so blessed to have a creative career where I get to capture moments for my clients they can cherish for a lifetime. It brings me so much joy to hear how much a client loves the moment I caught between the little ones playing, or something intimate between two lovers at their wedding. I love what I do – it never feels like work, and it never gets old. I embrace every opportunity to work with each individual client and telling their unique story through the lens.


Meet Sara

Sara has been in the wedding industry since 2016, and has been second shooting with the studio since 2018.  After several years of second sooting, we wanted to bring Sara on board as not only an assistant shooter, but also a Lead Photographer!  She offers a timeless approach to wedding photography as a strong and talented photographer.  She has an established photography business as well with an eye for unique angles and an enthusiasm for client experience. Sara and I have identical styles, which is why I was so very excited adding her on as a lead at weddings.
“Hi, I’m Sara!
I’m a wedding & portrait photographer based out of Madison, WI. Rheanna & I have been working together for the past two years, and I have been shooting weddings for the past four years. I absolutely LOVE love and weddings, and I would be so excited to capture yours! When I’m not taking pictures, I am either with my wonderful boyfriend, Dakota, going to the movies, trying new restaurants, and traveling, or doing something else creative, like painting or cooking.”


Meet Jeremy

Jeremy has been in the wedding industry since 2006, and has been second shooting with me for several years. We made the cohesive decision to put him on weddings as a lead photographer under my studio, as it better fits his family and lifestyle. He has an established photography business and has been shooting weddings as a lead (individually) since he first came into the industry. We already have clients whom booked him for their 2020 wedding and anticipate his schedule filling up quite quickly as he is very a talented and strong photographer. Jeremy and I have identical styles, which is why I was so very comfortable and excited putting him on as a lead at weddings.

Jeremy has a laid-back personality, and takes a client-focused approach to wedding photography.  His relaxed demeanor and professionalism met with his technical and disciplined skill set around photography makes him a perfect fit for the studio and we are happy to have him joining as a lead photographer!

Jeremy’s Wedding Gallery 

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