September 30, 2019

Alison & Jason | Anniversary Session at Roch-A-Cri State Park, WI

Alison and Jason planned an anniversary session to celebrate their upcoming 5 years!  We thought Roch-A-Cri State park would be the perfect location, as they hadn’t been there yet so there was plenty of unexplored trails, forest, and fields to tour!

Alison reached out just two short days before their session with unexpected and terribly sad news.  Their young cat, Ari (only a few days over a year old) had just been diagnosed that day with a fatal disease, FIP.  She asked if we could get a few photos of them together as they were told she didn’t have very long left.  Of course, I was more than happy to accommodate them and invite Ari along.  She was the sweetest little thing and did so well during their session.  Ari was full of purrs and trills as Alison and Jason snuggled and love on her.  She came well equipped with a stylish back-pack for hiking, and it was pretty obvious she really didn’t mind hanging in there in-between locations and posing.

In-between photos with Ari, Alison and Jason shared many laughs (okay huge belly laughs), giggles, and kisses & smiles!  The evening was absolutely perfect, the light golden and warm.  I leaned Alison has a superpower- the power of scent!  (Specifically Jason’s, you’ll have to ask them about that one!)  We ended the session in the most beautiful prairie field with he most perfect light!

Sadly, just two short days after this session, little Ari was put to rest.  Her condition quickly declined and her Mom and Dad were faced with the most difficult and devastating decision, but they knew they didn’t want her in pain, or to pass alone in the night.  She hadn’t eaten or drank anything for over a week, had severe swelling in her abdomen, was no longer pain free, and was giving them several signs the day of it was her time.  Although not the plans they intend for her end of life, Alison and Jason knew out of love, the right thing to do was snuggle her close and take her in that evening.

During their session, I was told she was a Daddy’s girl and loved snuggling with Jason.  Being a total (and professional) lounger, she had a favorite chair they would often catch her in all cozied up, but she wasn’t partial just to that chair as she would find many places suitable for her lounging needs.  Alison and Jason said she was a really mellow cat (which we got to see first hand) and enjoyed sitting on laps.  She really was a sweet and special little lady.  I’m so sorry for your loss, Alison and Jason, but hope you cherish these photos and have some great memories to look back on with her.  Warmest wishes to you and your family.