January 7, 2020

Josiah | Lifestyle Newborn Session in Waukesha, WI

Oh. My. Goodness!!! I’m so excited to share the Sabino Family session, and this one is a little extra special to me. As you scroll through the gallery, you’ll see lots of candids of the big brothers playing, some photos with props and bounce disks included, and my husband/assistant with baby Josiah. There’s a little more ‘behind the scenes’ captured during their session because they’re family, and the big brothers were very interested in helping and playing with the fun things Auntie Annie (yours truly) brought over. Mr. Josiah is also my birthday buddy, so we already have this very special bond and he is just the sweetest and most chill guy ever.

We arrived late morning and before we could get any photos started, Scott and I each needed some snuggle time with Josiah. The big brothers (Lucas and Emanuel) were excited and looking handsome like their Papi while they played and watched with curious eyes as we began to set up for their session. Josiah was dressed and ready to go, but needed a mid-morning snack before we started the family photos. I captured a few candid moments as my sister nursed and settled Josiah.

The big brothers were fascinated by the bounce disk and absolutely loved helping, and they were both great helpers for the session! It was easy to capture such sweet and silly photos of the boys; they are incredibly well behaved and have the best sense of humor- they make everyone laugh! Lucas is a very proud big brother and said he ‘loves his little brother Josiah more than all of his toys and friends’ and Manny is always checking in with Josiah. He comes up to give a kiss and pat his little brother on the head- so sweet.

After some family photos I grabbed just a few with Josiah. He is the worlds easiest baby! Once Scott and I got him settled, I could have changed his pose and outfit however I desired and he would’ve cared less! To be honest, it was incredibly difficult to stop photographing him- I really could’ve gone all afternoon! But, it was past lunch time, we all needed to eat, and Lucas and Manny were on borrowed time! So, I kept his photos short, sweet, and simple so we could spend a little more time together before heading back home.

I love how candid and real their session turned out. It was busy, loud at times, and there may have been a few bribes and cookies for Emanuel and Lucas, but that’s life when you have three littles five and under trying to pull off the world’s most impossible task- photos! Hahahahaha. They all did a great job and I’m so happy I got to document this time with they’re growing family! A special shout-out to my amazing husband, Scott for his help, here are a few favorites: