June 18, 2019

Amy & Kyle | Playful And Romantic Engagement Session in Stevens Point

Kyle and Amy came ready to rock their engagement session with Grayson and Oliver- whom were ready to rock their photos as well!  We met at a local park and started off with a mini-family session.  After capturing a couple of cute moment with the boys, Grandma took them for treats (thank goodness for Grandma’s!) while Amy and Kyle stayed back fro their session.  We were then bombarded by mosquitos- like it was horrible!!!  Oh, the editing I did to remove the swarms of them…  But what’s most impressive?  You would never know by looking at the photos Amy & Kyle were being attacked; well, except for the outtakes (there will be plenty of smiles later)!  Congrats again Amy & Kyle, so excited for your wedding later this year; here are a few of my favorites from your session: