May 19, 2021

Phoenix Emery Rose | Our Sweet Special Lady Love Fresh 48 Session

She’s here, and I’m so overcome with joy that my heart has exploded into a million different colors and shades of love! It’s amazing to finally have Phoenix Emery Rose here and we are so excited to share her with the world! She is so incredibly special and we remind her every day.

I’m so thankful the amazing partner I find in my husband. He has not only taken care of me while I recovered, but has fallen into the role of being a father gracefully. I will forever cherish the photos he took of us at the hospital, he did such an amazing job I’ve got all the feels every time I look at them!

Sweet baby girl, we have waited and waited for you with a deep desire nothing else could fulfill. Now that you’re here, I find myself lost in your snuggles and smiles. You fill me up so much I overfloweth!