October 25, 2019

Nate & Kayla | Adventure Engagement Session in Door County, WI

I first met Kayla and Nate a year ago when we starting talking about and planning for their 2020 wedding! It seemed like a while out when we first sat down, but now that a year has already gone by I know this upcoming year will be even quicker. During a consult we had, Kayla mentioned she really liked the idea of Door County as a backdrop for their photos. (I was thrilled about this because Door County is simply stunning and I couldn’t wait to get there for a session!) Then she asked if I was okay with smoke bombs. What?! Um…. YES!!! Please, let’s use smoke bombs!

Once we finalized the location- I knew exactly what I wanted to do and could not wait for their session! We started off at Cave Point/Whitefish Dunes and enjoyed the natural beauty the park has to offer, before hiking quite a distance away from all of the other guests to play with the smoke bombs. Once we found the perfect spot and they went off, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing- it was truly phenomenal to see such fun color at such an amazing location! (I should mention to any readers, this is something that needs to be cleared beforehand and we had permission to do so, as well as securing a photo permit all the while being respectful of the environment and park guests. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into planning a session like this which was all taken care of before the session.) We hiked through the park finding remote areas, chatting over wedding day plans, and enjoying Mr. Oscar (their sweet fur baby).

Our second location was a hidden gem I asked a local about- which was another amazing location, completely secluded. (I had done some scouting the day before and want happy with our original planned location so made some last-minute plans) Unfortunately, we had clouds roll in on our drive from the park to the beach, but I still think the photos look beautiful and have such a different feeling. I’m so over the moon about this session and cannot wait to share them! Congrats Kayla & Nate, I’m looking forward to your wedding next year; here are a few favorites from your session!